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Quality of products

The annedda® quality guarantee

What we guarantee. How we guarantee it. And why you can trust that our natural health products are of the highest quality, actually work and are absolutely safe.

We believe that you deserve the best quality natural health products that truly work!

And you should expect no less. When we created these products, we wanted to empower you, to give you the healing strength that you should expect in a really great health product. We think you should be able to take that for granted. Annedda® gives you a range of possibilities from which you can select the health product that meets your needs and targets your specific health concern.

With this in mind, we actually surpassed the quality standards set out by Canadian health authorities, by consulting various areas of medical science, herbology and biochemistry, and by refining our extraction and conditioning methods so that you get the most effective products possible.

Some examples

Pine bark extract (proanthocyanidins) - Because it grows in regions removed from sources of agricultural and industrial pollution, the eastern white pine of North America (Pinus strobus) makes for a raw material that is free of pesticide residue, chemical fertilizers and other environmental pollutants. Not only are we the only producers to extract proanthocyanidins from the bark of the white pine (our main competitors use bark of the maritime pine, Pinus pinaster), but our extraction method, certified under license from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, is completely solvent-free. As a result, our extract contains no trace of industrial solvents. The Porter's Value of Annedda® white pine extract is measured at 400 PVU (Porter Value Units). Extracts produced by the two other major world producers of pine bark extract show value of 180 and 275 PVU respectively, which translates to only about 45-69% of the value of our extract.

Turmeric extract – The effectiveness of turmeric extract depends on its concentrations of both curcumin and volatile ingredients. The technologies used by major producers of turmeric extract eliminate almost all volatile fraction. This means that the turmeric extracts generally available to consumers are incomplete and less effective. We go to great lengths to preserve the integrity that you are benefiting from the complete extract. You will notice the difference as soon as you open our product and smell its characteristic aroma. Moreover, turmeric has poor bioavailability, meaning that the body cannot easily absorb it, and it is useless to try to compensate this by increasing its intake. We have taken a number of measures to improve its bioavailability in our extract, which greatly increases its therapeutic power.

Devil’s claw root extract – Typically the devil’s claw root extract available on the market has a concentration ratio of 4:1, meaning that each milligram of extract contains the equivalent of 4 milligrams of devil’s claw root. However, it is not unusual to find that the raw material used to produce the extract contains only 0.1% harpagoside, the key active ingredient in devil’s claw root. This means that a product made from such quality raw material, though it will have the requisite 4:1 ratio, will contain a mere 0.4% harpagoside—and that information may not even appear on the label. To ensure that our devil’s claw root extract is a potent therapeutic product, we only use raw material that holds at least 1% harpagoside, so that our 4:1 extract contains 4% active ingredient, or 10 times more than what our competitors are offering. This is why our extract is much more effective than most other extracts available on the market. An extract that does not hold a sufficient percentage of harpagoside will simply fail to produce the desired anti-inflammatory effect.

Minerals – The minerals in certain Annedda® products (chromium, selenium, zinc, depending on the formula) are chelated to improve their bioavailability. This facilitates their absorption by the body, which greatly improves effectiveness and, as per our promise, results in the best possible supplements that truly work.

What we guarantee

At Annedda®, we believe that a high-quality natural health product must fulfil two key requirements: it must be therapeutically effective and it must be completely safe. To us there are absolutely no exceptions to these two indisputable conditions and we take all necessary measures to ensure that each of our products complies with them. We keep these conditions in mind each step of the way, from product design, to supply of raw material, production, storage, transport and distribution. At each stage, we use the latest expertise in science, technology and methodology in order to ensure the efficacy and safety of our products.

How we can make this guarantee

We choose the ingredients for our products based on intensive study of convincing clinical data, which allows us to select only proven ingredients and in dosages that are both safe and effective.

When the raw materials arrive at Annedda®, they are subjected to exhaustive analyses to ensure that they are the right ingredients, they contain the desired active substances in the required proportions, and they are free of all pollutants. We produce several of the extracts that go into our products ourselves, using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure unsurpassed quality.

The ingredients are then blended in specially designed facilities that comply with the highest industry standards. Each batch of product is thoroughly analyzed to ensure its composition and integrity before it is put on the market.

Why you can trust our guarantee

Annedda® complies with Health Canada standards for its products as well as its production, packaging and storage facilities. Each product is thoroughly analyzed by Health Canada to ensure that it is both effective and safe. Once analyzed and approved, Health Canada issues a natural product number (NPN) for each product that complies with Canadian standards; you can see this number on every product label. Issued by the Canadian government, this number attests to the accuracy of the ingredients that appear on the product’s label, and certifies that it is free of pollutants, that it is an effective treatment for the conditions prescribed on the label, and that it is safe to use. We are proud that all of our products bear the NPN and that they comply with, and often surpass, government standards. In addition, our manufacturing facilities hold a Site License (#300173) issued by Health Canada certifying that our establishment complies and even exceeds good manufacturing practices (GMP) as set out for the Canadian industry of natural health products.